CyberSecurity Dialogues

Mika Lauhde

Cyber Security and Privacy Professional

Mika Lauhde is having +30 years of experience working in Cyber security and privacy field, had lead world biggest telecom companies security functions, worked in EU and outside EU in several key positions defining the future of directives, regulations, strategies of the critical cyber and privacy functions. As Director of Business Security and Continuity, Mika was in charge of global cyber security efforts at Nokia Telecommunication. Among other things, he handled cyber-related government relations and Nokia’s crisis management, as well as security related to handsets and other manufacturing operations worldwide. As Global Vice President of Cyber Security and Privacy at Huawei Technologies, Mika Lauhde was advising the company’s top executives on policy, law, regulations, technology, and broad cyber security trends and was leading governmental, and other stakeholder relations world wide. Before joining Huawei, he was VP of Government Relations and Business Development with SSH Communications Security (inventor of SSH protocol), where he advised governments and other stakeholders on security and privacy issues including critical infrastructure protection, compliance, software assurance, and risk and identity management globally. Mika served for 11 years as a Member of ENISA (the European Network and Information Security Agency) and advises Europol on cyber security and privacy. He served as a Member of the British government’s critical infrastructure protection group CPNI from 2005 to 2009. He is currently a Senior Fellow at the Maastricht University Faculty of Law’s Centre of Data Protection and Cyber Security and a Fellow at the United Kingdom’s Institution of Engineering and Technology (FIET).