CyberSecurity Dialogues Anton Rog

Head of the Cyberint National Centre (SRI)

Brigadier General Anton Rog is the Head of National Cyberint Center within the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI). The Cyberint is responsible for conducting 24/7 activities to discover, characterize and proactively counter cyber threats against systems and networks critical to Romania national security. Anton Rog has held various technical development positions including software and systems design. He has also served as a Deputy Director within SRI IT&C central department. He is active with the academic community as associated professor at DRESMARA Brasov. Anton Rog graduated from the University of Bucharest in 1998 with a B.S. in information technology, and he received a Postgraduate degree in program and project management in 2011 from DRESMARA. He was awarded Knight of the Order Manhood and Faith in 2014 and Knight of the Order of MilitaryVirtue in 2005 by two Presidents of Romania.