CyberSecurity Dialogues

Alessio Parzian

XTN Cognitive SecurityAdvanced Behavioural Fraud Prevention

XTN Cognitive SecurityAdvanced Behavioural Fraud Prevention

Alessio Parzian is a cyber security expert and is acting as Head Of Security at XTN Cognitive Security taking care of three areas: Business/Threat Intelligence, Product Security and Security Governance. He has a Bachelor Degree in Applied Computer Science and pursed his double Degree Master in the field of Security and Privacy at the European Institute of Innovation and Technology specializing in Network Security. He is a certified penetration tester and shellcoding writer. A strong experience in the field of Mobile Security is also part of his know-how. Passionate about information security he strongly believes in practical approaches and everyday struggles to deliver efficient and robust security mechanisms.

• Title: “Trust Your Digital User: An innovative holistic approach for a better user experience along higher security.”

• Abstract: There is a massive opportunity for companies who decide to move forward by taking advantage of the need of digital users to have better user experience along with higher security. Thanks to the technological evolution of personal devices and the improvement in artificial intelligence, there are new solutions that can provide innovative security [fraud prevention] approaches. It’s a matter of educating enterprises and help them understand there are alternatives available and that this could be an excellent opportunity to improve their competitive advantage. XTN for the very beginning has provided such tools to support enterprise to have full visibility of fraudulent events. Trust Your Digital User is our approach, offering a comprehensive multi-layered and multi-channel fraud prevention solution.