After 5 consecutive years of success with the UN-backed Central-European public-private dialogue platform (Aka “Cybersecurity-Romania“), awarded “best practice example for Europe” by the ITU, together with its free awareness quarterly journal “Cybersecurity Trends” (now published in 5 countries and 5 different versions: RO, FR/CH, UK, IT, DE), time has come to create the same non-profit, non-technical, non-marketing PPP networking event in Western Europe.

The municipality of Porrentruy agreed to back the event for 5 years. From the Jura heights, the small medieval town, “the closest Swiss city to Paris” (Belfort-TGV station standing at 10′, 2h from Paris) overlooks, the 40 kilometers-length territory home of 82% of the French industrial production (32% of French GDP), as well as the 1st chemical & pharma pole of Europe (Basel) and the very home region of Swiss Luxury Watches.

Hard to find a more ideal place, right in the middle of so important businesses, yet ensuring privacy, relax and hospitality, all due ingredients for an optimal networking.

With the support of the most important French and Swiss Business Chambers and Associations, “Cybersecurity – Switzerland” aims to bringing together International security experts as well as Decision Makers, both from State and Private sectors. The most important role an NGO like Swiss Webacademy could play in a world full of daily cybersecurity meetings is to create a rupture event, made with security specialists covering the broadest spectrum of topics, networking and discussing with CEOs and State administration about the issues raised, in a fully international atmosphere to understand differences, practices and macro-regional needs.

  • Far from the busy capitals, the charming and easy-to-reach locations ensure a discrete, productive and optimal networking

    In a capital, VIP speakers and State High reps come, speak and leave quickly. Our congresses are designed for everybody (speakers and attendees) to network 2-days long.
  • The state and private decision-makers are the core of the event, which is tailor-made for them.

    For a better understanding of the most important threats, evaluating the quality of their own resilience capacities and, of course, of benefitting of the advises of the best qualified officers and private specialists during the networking events.
  • Bringing internationality and diversity:

    As in Sibiu, Porrentruy aims to reach a 50-50 percent between local and foreigner speakers as well as attendees. A very appreciated 50-50 percent between speakers from State/Academia organizations vs. Private Companies or Specialists is also to be secured. All speakers are selected, ensuring top-quality discussions.
  • Solutions providers do not loose:

    Each company sponsoring the event is duly promoted by the organizers, has its own stand, and several B2B facilities or pre-arrangements for meetings.
  • A congress with social responsibility.

    All Sibiu congresses have been preceeded by a free awareness day dedicated to local population, children and teens (the 2017 edition has beaten the CEE record gathering 1059 children and teens in 2 talk-shows). The same will be done for the citizens, entrepreneurs and youngsters of Porrentruy.