Founded in 2013 by SWISS WEBACADEMY, the Sibiu-held Romanian yearly edition of the international series “Cybersecurity Public-Private Dialogues” comes back in 2022, after two years of pause due to the epidemiological situation.

As a matter of fact, this congress, which was recognized as “Best practice example for the European continent” by the International Telecommunications Union (UN-Geneva) is unique as all is done for the benefit of the audience and the networking opportunities: it would not have made any sense to deliver the event in the form of a webinar.

To be sure you are not going to one of the “usual” cybersec events, it must be known that the congress and all its panels of discussion are designed in a compulsory non-profit, non-vendor, non-technical and non-political way.

Hence, its added-value resides in the in-depth interaction and further networking between audience and speakers, within a human-size event enhanced by several tailor-made relax breaks and dinners providing the perfect intimacy and atmosphere creating a real melting pot between security experts and business leaders.

The continuous aegis and support of the Swiss Embassy to Romania, the traditional opening of the event by the Swiss Ambassador in person, as well with partnerships with some of the most important state actors and think-tanks from France, Italy, Switzerland, the Council of Europe as well as with all of the relevant institutions from Romania, sending top speakers regular base reflect the trust our awareness event won during the last decade.

As a consequence, no edition took place without at least two or three world top-100 speakers and half a dozen EU top-100 speakers from the private sector, granting us their presence and ensuring their own costs of travel, an exceptional and unique witness of the highest appreciation they give to our event.

The NGO Swiss Web Academy (SWA) is a Professional Association based in Sibiu, which aims to provide high-quality courses and products, but also culture and awareness-raising in the IT&C domain.

SWA’s strength and major difference with its competitors resides in its unique working method: Swiss quality combined with Romanian flexibility.

Its courses and products have been elaborated together with the Federal University of Applied Sciences, Dpt. of Engineering (Neuchatel, Switzerland) and the Technical University Institute of Belfort-Montbéliard (France) and are adapted to the specific needs of the Romanian market.

SWA proposes a large panel of state-of-the-art trainings allowing students to apply directly their new knowledge in their professional environment. All the trainings are available either at our brand new classrooms in the heart of Sibiu, or online – one-to-one or in small groups – thanks to the Webacademy concept.

Security as a must

Preparing tomorrow’s top webprogrammers, webdesigners and webexperts is not only about offering high quality curricula. As a professional school, SWA always considered it bears a huge responsibility when it comes to the security aspect.

Since 2010, SWA developed its own modules of courses and products, based on best practices examples gathered around the continent, not only for its students but for all the components of the society.

Children and teenagers benefit, of courses of the ISECOM Hacker Highschool. As a matter of fact, Swiss Webacademy became ISECOM’s Project Volunteer Partner, by committing to translate into Romanian all the lessons of the world-known course.

Professionals from all horizons, CEOs and decision-makers can attend the “basics of cybersecurity” course as well as the “OSINT course” (Open Source Intelligence).